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A delightful combination of sayings, jokes and quips for the ladies who enjoy the grape! Our best selling category!


The perfect gift for friends or family you love, want to tease or even insult! There is a glass for every occasion and every mood. Made from tempered glass these are extremely durable with long lasting decorations to brighten your coffeetable and start conversations wherever they may end up! Choose the one that suits you best, place your order and we will do the rest!

For the Ladies - Celebration Glassware

For the Ladies Sayings
Glass Type
  • 20 oz wine glass.

    Tempered glass. 

    White Wine Glasses approximate dimensions 9" high 3.5" wide.

    Red Wine Glasses approximate dimensions 8.5" high 4" wide. 

    Stemless Glasses approximate dimensions 5" high 4" wide