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Small handmade copper ear cuffs are striking and subtle. A great choice to accent your current style! Note that no piercings are required to enhance your look with a Serendipity Copper Ear Cuff.  Once they are molded to your ear they are comfortable, durable and gorgeous. Available in a wide range of stones for the perfect match.

Serendipity Ear Cuff - Small

Stone Choices
  • No piercings required! These handmade copper ear cuffs are a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection.  Incredibly comfortable, they mold to your ear shape and stay on all day long.

    Over time copper will age and acquire a lovely patina. If you prefer your copper to have the same glossy shine it has as new, simply place your ear cuff into a small ziploc bag with a teaspoon of baking soda.  Shake back and forth and in a minute or so your cuff will be shiny and new looking once more. Ensure no moisture enters the bag.